Are you looking for a paint for your concrete floor for your industrial warehouse, manufacturing plant or commercial space?

Whether you want large areas of colour or floor striping or the kind of multiple paint option or coating you choose can be successful or ending up in frustration

Commercially available paints  

The solution that is easy to purchase from a hardware store. But this kind of paint is unable to handle foot traffic or mechanical equipment that are exposed to industries or commercial floors. In just a few months you will have to repaint your floor.

We recommend to avoid latex or water based paint as these paint have very low durable and also not resistant to moisture, foot traffic, etc.We recommend to use epoxy based or polyurethane base floor paint. Also you should not do DIY work that could end up looking very unprofessional warehouse or industry.

So unless you have any experience in painting you will face a lot of trouble.

Industrial-strength paint  

You can hire an industrial painting contractor who could offer more durable paint which is designed for industrial flooring. It includes features like anti corrosion or durability.

For getting large floor area painting than you should definitely get a professional contractor to avoid any mistakes.

Epoxy coating  

An epoxy floor coating is not just a paint but it is a bond for an extra finish. It is available in a wide range of colour option. It can also be a unique finish such as a crushed quartz or a metallic finish.

 Epoxy coating are resistant to moisture, abrasions, foot traffic, accidents, etc which will have sufficient durability & long-lasting.

You can purchase epoxy-based paints at home but it contain 30% solid volume. But a professional grade product includes 90 – 100% for longer lasting coat.

To avoid bubble or bond failures, we recommend you to hire an professional epoxy flooring contractor who will use their expertise to make perfect application environment.