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Concrete Densifier/ Polish

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Concrete Densifier/ Polish


Jemkon offers single component densifiers which are applied by trained applicators who have been qualified and certified to use the product so that it gives a long-lasting result. We have always noticed that, if left untreated, concrete surfaces are soft and dusty, susceptible to liquid penetration, easy to abrade and difficult to clean and maintain.

Here is where densification comes into the picture. By densification which is also referred to as concrete polish, we can reduce dust formation, Enhance surface hardness, increase abrasion and scratch resistance, reduce water absorption and achieve a nice appearance and a durable surface with long life and easy to maintain. The chemistry and process of densification will not leave a film on the surface. Instead, it will penetrate down through the surface and undergo a chemical reaction with the mineral Substrate in the concrete. The resulting reaction is permanent and therefore there is normally no need for resealing. This reaction occurs between the lime present in the concrete and densifier to create a network of calcium silicate hydrates in the concrete pores, which results in a denser substrate with high hardness and also the reduction of concrete abrasion and dust formation. The water dispersion of the densifier consists of nanoparticles which are extremely small (~10 nm) and can, therefore, penetrate the porous concrete. The nanoparticles are not-soluble and will be fixed in the pores.


  • Stores in malls
  • Offices & residences
  • Electronics & Electrical Industry
  • Automobile & Engineering Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals & Laboratory
  • Packaging & Plastic Industry
  • Chemical Factory
  • Textile Industry
  • Paper Industry

Characteristics/ Advantages

  • reduced dust formation
  • enhances surface hardness
  • increases abrasion and scratch resistance
  • reduces water absorption
  • enhances gloss level of concrete