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PU Floor Coating

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PU Floor coating


Jemkon’s range of polyurethane coatings and rapid curing technologies offers everything you need to paint and protect the wood, concrete, and various other types of flooring. We design for you the right solution for anything from commercial to demanding industrial applications. Polyurethanes essentially are made from two components, polyols, and isocyanates. Added to the combination of these two are various other ingredients or additives. These are mixed on-site and applied within a particular time frame. PU coatings are generally applied in few microns in multiple coats. Our PU coatings are easy to use and protect the base substrate from heavy foot traffic and chemical impact. Both sustainable, two-component and one-component coating systems are available. We also offer Solvent-based and PU Hybrid (water-based) coatings. Industrial & commercial base floors are often required to bear tremendous dynamic and static loads. Also, they might be vulnerable to continuous abrasion or harsh chemical exposure. Polyurethane industrial floor coatings provide exactly the reliable, long-term protection needed. They keep flooring crack-free and easy to clean and repair – even under demanding conditions. The best part of PU coatings is they are economical when it comes to recoat or repair as the thickness of the coatings is in few microns and can be customized to meet the requirements of specific industrial situations. Properties such as elasticity, antibacterial, antifungal can all be adjusted as per the client’s need.


  • Automobiles & engineering
  • Electronics & Electricals
  • Pharmaceuticals & Laboratory
  • Packaging & Plastic Industry
  • Chemical Factory
  • Textile Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • School & Educational Institutes
  • Thermal Power Stations
  • Milk & Dairies
  • Meat processing & many more....

Characteristics/ Advantages

  • Good Abrasion resistance
  • Gloss & Matt options
  • Roll on coatings
  • Fast dry & Fast hardness buildup
  • Customizable
  • Excellent chemical resistance