Car Park Floorings

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Car Park Floorings


We at Jemkon offer chemistry with a combination of epoxy and PU to attain world class appealing and durable car parking floors. Clean, neat and tidy parking lots are getting more attention now a days in commercial buildings, malls, etc., also a well maintained parking lot with guided bays and drive ways helps in controlling traffic and minimise the space.

Besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a parking facility, our flooring systems cure to form tough, smooth, long-lasting impermeable coatings. Our car park floorings increase concrete floor’s resistance to vehicle and pedestrian movement, abrasion, impact, oil stains, tire marks, fluid spills, and many other chemical and mechanical stresses that could significantly damage uncoated concrete. As we use a combination of epoxy and polyurethane our car park floors applied does a great job at covering small flaws like hairline cracks and minor undulations in the concrete slab.

Our Car Parking floors have anti-slip characteristics and is inherently resistant to moisture and water. The anti skid properties also helps in reducing tires squeal during sudden acceleration, braking and turnings. We offer car park flooring solutions with a wide range of colour and partial or full broadcasting options. Our floors are also UV resistant (aliphatic grades) which can be used in the open environment.

Recoating of our car parking floors are economical as we use roll on coats which are applied only in few microns.Besides, the surfaces need to look great and last for many years. Which is why our high-quality car park floorings provide excellent elasticity, rebound properties and skid resistance. They are also extremely durable, with excellent optical characteristics and compatible with commonly used coloring materials and additives that impart slip resistance.


  • Parking lots in Mall
  • Parking lots in Institutions
  • Parking lots in factories
  • Parking lots in Residences

Characteristics/ Advantages

  • Anti- Skid properties
  • bay and drive way marking
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Good Abrasion resistance
  • Easily Cleanable & low maintenance