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Tile Joint Fillers Grouts
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Tile Joint Fillers / Grouts

Jemkon’s Grout is a polymer modified cement based tile joint filler. It includes cement, sand, water & additives. Tile Joint filler is used for filling gaps between tiles. Filling joints with Jemkon’s joints filler will provide you a structural support. It also prevents moisture & derbits to penetrate between tiles. We at Jemkon commits to deliver wide range of high quality tile joint fillers to our customers. 

Jemkon’s offer unmatched strength & durability from epoxy based joint fillers & cementitious joint fillers. Modern architects & interior designers do prefer our wide range of joint fillers.

Features & benefits of joint fillers are – 

– Easy to use & clean just add water and it is ready to use

– Its crack free, water resistance, minimum shrinkage, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, anti bacterial & anti fungal.

– 100% Stain free 

– Suitable for tiles & stone – Vitrified tiles, Ceramic, Granite, etc

– Strong & durable

– Wide range of colour option available

Tile Joint Fillers /Grouts

Tile Grout

Construction Chemical Uses

Automobiles & Engineering
Electronics & Electricals
Pharmaceuticals & Laboratory
Packaging & Plastic Industry
Chemical Factory
Textile Industry
Paper Industry
School & Educational Institutes
Thermal Power Stations
Milk & Dairies
Meat Processing

Characteristics / Advantages

Enhanced Durability
Improved Strength and Performance
Better Workability
Reduced Maintenance
Faster Construction
Waterproofing and Moisture Control
Chemical Resistance
Environmental Benefits
Structural Repair and Rehabilitation
Fire Resistance