Importance of Walk-In Cooler Floor Coatings

In different types of industries like food, beverage, hospitality, pharma industry etc where coolers are widely used a proper floor coatings are required. Cooler flooring solutions should be capable of resisting frequent foot traffic, moisture and low temperature.

A conventional flooring solution would fail in such a condition where the temperature is below zero. This type of conventional flooring would crack and compromise structural integrity. However, high quality epoxy floor coatings are designed to withstand this type of temperature.  Condensation will be formed on the close surface of cold temperature areas.  Also moisture can sweep into the flooring which would lead to damages, mold growth and safety hazard. But epoxy floor coating will create a barrier preventing moisture from penetrating into the floor ensuring to keep the flooring dry and safe.

Also maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in Walk-In coolers is critical especially in industries like food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry etc. Another characteristics Is that the flooring must be chemical resistant so that cleaning agents disinfectants and chemicals used in preparations may damage the flooring. Epoxy flooring does the job protecting these floors as they are chemical resistant which is beneficial for Walk-In cooler environment.

The floor must be durable and impact resistant in Walk-In cooler so that they will resist foot traffic and the movement of heavy creates and equipment. Epoxy floor coating provides a durable and impact resistance surface which will minimize risk of damages.

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coatings for Walk-In Coolers:

For Walk-In coolers, epoxy floor coating has a wide range of benefits like –

  1. Temperature Resistance: Epoxy Floor Coating can resist to extreme high temperature which is commonly found in Walk-In coolers. Without having cracks they can endure any ind of freezing temperature maintaining their structural integrity.

  1. Moisture Control & condensation: Due to temperature variation between interior and exterior, Walk-In coolers often experience condensation. Epoxy floor coating creates a barrier between them. Epoxy helps in maintaining a dry and safe environment avoiding risk of accidents.
  2. Hygiene and Ease of Cleaning: It is crucial to maintain hygienic environment in Walk-In coolers. Epoxy floor coating offers a smooth surface which is easy to clean and maintain. Satin, spills can be easily clean resulting in reduction of risk of bacterial growth. It can also protect grouts lines from dirt and derbies.
  3. Chemical Resistance: Walk-In coolers requires regular cleaning which involves use of chemicals and cleaning agents, Epoxy floor coating are resistant to chemicals which may damage the flooring and epoxy flooring protects them form discoloration, damage and ensure long-lasting floors.
  4. Durability and Impact Resistance: Walk-In coolers are high-traffic areas where loading and unloading of heavy materials are done. Epoxy floor coating are highly durable which resist to heavy traffic, carts & equipment avoiding the impact, cracks, chips, etc from epoxy floors.
  5. Aesthetic Options: Epoxy Flooring offers wide range of aesthetics option. Walk-In cooler can be customized according to brand logo colour or n numbers of colour options available.

Jemkon Epoxy Flooring’s Expertise in Walk-In Cooler Floor Coatings

Jemkon Epoxy Flooring is a leading manufacturer and service provider of floor coating solutions. Jemkon is specialized im meeting all the requirements of flooring solutions in Walk-In coolers. Jemkon Expertise and commitments are –

  1. Knowledge of Industrial Regulations and Standards.
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  3. Best Solution for Walk-In Coolers.
  4. Quality Products.
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By choosing Jemkon Epoxy Flooring for Walk-In cooler epoxy floor coatings, businesses will have confidence in delivering food and beverage or pharmaceuticals materials and much more. With Jemkon’s expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, Jemkon Epoxy Flooring solution is a best partner for your businesses in the food and beverage or Pharma industry.