A new epoxy floors will make your garage floors more stylish and durability. With several options available in a range of colours, textures & finishes, epoxy coatings rank as one of the hottest design trends going into 2023.

Which garage floor epoxy trend will work for you? Find out by reading this compilation by the Jemkon Floor Coatings team.

What Is an Epoxy Garage Floor?

The term epoxy garage floor literally means a concrete floors with epoxy coating. Concrete floors are inexpensive & durable but they stain easily & get porous in some period of time.

Jemkons Epoxy Garage Floors has a specialized epoxy coating that repels water & other liquids. It seals concrete floors make them impenetrable, more stylish & long-lasting.

Jemkon epoxy floors provides enough strength to resist heavy traffic a& high temperature. It is difficult to get marks or stains or withstand UV rays.

Epoxy floors will not peel, flakes or lift. These floors won’t need any care or maintenance. It will look good & will last for years when it is installed by professionals.

Garage Floor Epoxy Trends To Look Out for in 2023  

Property owners like stylish finish to suite their design. As These are timeless trends which will continue to be in business over the years.


If the clients want an unique & mesmerizing looks then they should consider metallic finish epoxy. Metallic finish produces a 3D effects like natural stone. This looks prove to be an ideal solution if yo wish to create a timeless finish.

Visual Effects  

You can also customize you garage floors to look like a beach sand & waves, infinite visual effect designs. Then Visual effect is the best solution to apply your creativity to your garage floors.

Non-Slip Textures  

If we focus on 2023 then it is all about safety first, which we all see in the next trend. A Texture type of epoxy will prevent slipping in industrial area or even in the home area.

UV Protection  

In direct sunlight a plain epoxy garage floor will discolour. Nowadays this is no longer an issue. Property owners use UV protection in their garage floors to prevent fading and yellowing of epoxy floors.

Custom Designs  

You can create a unique look customized design. By using a range of pigments and other additives. We can recreate unique look at just fraction of cost for your garage floors. 

Neutral Colours  

If a client is planning to move in a couple of years. Before marketing your home you can refinish a garage floors with neutral colours like charcoal, grey, brown & silver are not an exiting colours but it will make your floors look wide.

In 2023, a dark neutral colour will cover up multiple marks & messes. This year a paint colour features rich tones, so consider this to use on garage floors.

Sleek Styles Using Vinyl Flakes  

This year the industry looks consider a sophisticated style with high gloss finish. Consider installing a surface with vinyl flakes. Top it with Ployaspartic to ensure it to look long lasting.

You may incorporate other 2023 trends with this if you prefer. For example, choose a neutral blend of vinyl flakes to complete your look, or opt for custom colours. These may tie in with your brand logo or your favourite colours as you prefer.

Floor Tile Designs  

There will be a resurgence of interlocking tiles, while many clients choose to install epoxy coating. We recommend applying epoxy coating to protect the final finish.

You can also create different tiled design for your garage. It will look like a huge sandstone tile or decorative design using colours patterns or textures.

Eco-Friendly Options  

Before Twenty years, epoxy was just an eco-friendly solution. It took almost a week or more to dry epoxy. Nowadays, modern formulation makes it much quicker. Now epoxy floors can dry within 24 hours.

Specialized Coatings  

Specialized coats are in trend this year. If client opts specialized floors & if garage receive plenty of sunlight then polyaspartic topcoats make an ideal solution for garage floors.

Client can select with a clear coat finish or add a translucent colour to add a depths to garage floors.

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