Waterproofing is a crucial task for your space. Waterproofing protects your space from water damage.  It also helps to make your structure strong. There are many types of waterproofing  solutions available for your space  like Jemkon waterproofing products.

 Different types of waterproofing solutions for your industrial & commercial space. 

There are many types of waterproofing solutions available for your Industrial and commercial space.  Below Are some types of waterproofing solutions. Each of these waterproofing solutions provides a unique level of protection against water damage.

Liquid waterproofing membrane:  

A liquid waterproofing membrane provides a flexible protective layer. It is applied as a liquid or semi-liquid material on surfaces. It is applied on multiple surfaces like roofs, balconies, terraces, industrial shades,etc. It is composed of polymers which offer excellent adhesion, durability and weather resistance. It protects against water getting penetrated, preventing structural damage.

Polyurethane waterproofing:  

Polyurethane waterproofing is a waterproofing technique that uses polyurethane-based materials to create a durable, flexible barrier on surfaces. It’s known for its excellent adhesion, resistance to UV damage, and versatility in applications such as roofs, basements, and foundations, providing long-lasting protection against water infiltration.

Cementitious waterproofing:  

Cementitious waterproofing solution uses cement based materials for waterproofing. It is used on cement surfaces, creating a barrier against water. It is commonly used on walls, basements, increasing its durability. but this type of waterproofing cracks easily, it is less flexible than other types of waterproofing.

Bituminous waterproofing:  

Bitumen is a petroleum based material which is used in bituminous waterproofing. It is used to create a waterproof barrier. It protects surfaces like roofs and foundations from water. It is durable but it can get damaged over time, due to exposure to temperature variation and sunlight due to which it requires timely maintenance.

 Advantages of waterproofing 

Protection from Water Damage:  

Waterproofing is a crucial part of the process. Waterproofing solutions protects your property against water damages. It prevents water to penetrate through cracks which will damage your infrastructure. Waterproofing creates a barrierWaterproofing solution protects your roof against water infiltration. Waterproofing is crucial. It prevents water seepage through cracks, joints, etc. & helps in preventing structural damage. Waterproofing creates a barrier, ensuring that water does not penetrate.

Enhanced Durability:  

Best waterproofing solution provided by Jemkon contributes in enhancing durability of your space. Enhance durability by preventing water penetrating through cracks and ensure the safety of your furniture and building structure from getting damaged.  

Healthier Indoor Environment:  

Waterproofing solutions by Jemkon plays a very important role in keeping your environment healthy. It prevents molds & mildew which leads poor indoor air quality, which affects the healthy environment, which leads to health issues.

Cost Savings:  

Investing in waterproofing services could save costs if done by professionals. Waterproofing will save your space from water damage. If you do waterproofing, then you could save money on repairing the damage caused by water leakages.

Increased Property Value:  

Properties that have done waterproofing from Jemkon will be more attractive to buyers. Potential clients will always view properties that are well maintained, which will directly lead to an increase in the value of your property.

Diverse Range of Products:  

Jemkon offers a diverse range of waterproofing products to choose from. Jemkon waterproofing products include various types of coating, sealants & membranes. It allows property owners to choose a suitable waterproofing product.

List of best waterproofing products and their uses  

Waterproofing products are special things that keep stuff safe from water. They work on different things like wood, concrete, metal, and even fabric, protecting them from getting damaged by water and bad weather. These products don’t just help right away, but they also make things last longer. Here are some common waterproofing products:

Liquid Rubber Coatings:  

These types of waterproofing are flexible. This liquid waterproofing strong layer protects your roof as they don’t break easily. Liquid rubber waterproofing will protect your property against the toughest weather.

Sheet Membrane Systems:  

The sheet membrane are made of two layers that are stuck with each other with glue. They are the best for big areas. Sheet membrane stops water from getting in.


Sealants are the best options for stopping water penetration. The are used to fill gaps, cracks, etc. There are different types of sealants for different surfaces like wood, concrete, etc.


Coatings are an extra layer of protection which has silicon or wax in them. They act as a shield against water damage. You can use a coating to protect your deck from rain.

Waterproofing is crucial for your space and Jemkon protects against water damage. Jemkon provides different solutions and products to fulfill your specific needs, helping in safeguard your property for long. If you have any queries, contact us.