Epoxy flooring has become more popular in India nowadays. Many people are installing epoxy floors in their commercial and industrial space. Here we are providing information about epoxy flooring. Here we will be covering some major queries about epoxy flooring.

How Do I Protect My Epoxy Floor?   

There are number of ways to protect your epoxy flooring. By protecting your epoxy floor you can use them for longer time.

Important Points For Maintaining Epoxy Flooring   

Epoxy flooring stays healthy longer by following some important points

  • Clean and stain the surface thoroughly before installing epoxy flooring.
  • Make sure that the surface is completely dry before epoxy flooring installation.
  • Before performing epoxy flooring steps, take a good care of your hygiene.
  • After installing epoxy floors do not place any objects until it dry.

Avoid Things To Do To Have A Healthy Epoxy Floor   

  • Do not wash epoxy floor with combination of several types of chemical detergents its dangerous.
  • To clean epoxy flooring do not use soapy detergents. Use epoxy detergents.
  • Excess use of concentrated epoxy detergent can corrodes the floor surface.
  • Use of hot water can be harmful.
  • Solvents can be destructive if used excess.
  • Using phenol cleaners can also lead to decay of floors.


What Causes Epoxy Flooring To Fail?   

Following are some common cause that could damage epoxy flooring:

  1. The floor is not installed properly.
  2. The epoxy material used for floor covering is of low grade.
  3. Using water based epoxy flooring.
  4. Using epoxy that are underrated in heavy traffic resistance.
  5. If the flooring has issues like oil stains, moisture,  corrosion, etc can damage epoxy

The most common damage is if the epoxy floors are not installed properly. If an unprofessional installation of epoxy flooring done is the major issue and to prevent these damages to epoxy flooring one should hire experts to install epoxy floors. Jemkon has a team of experts who knows what you need and what type of material should be use while installing epoxy flooring.


Does Epoxy Flooring Crack? How To Repair Epoxy?   

Epoxy flooring are very rigid. As Epoxy are very little flexible, cracks could be form if slightly shifted in foundation. Then again it goes back to installation of epoxy floor. But if you install epoxy floors correctly and properly then it wont crack. But if it cracks then the next question will be how can we repair it?? You can get away with it by appling a compound to the floor if the crack is minor. Use a trowel in the material until the crack is filled.


How Do You Fix Epoxy Floor Mistakes?   

All the issues of epoxy arise due to installing epoxy floor unprofessionally. Some of the problems we face & how can we prevent it are as follows:

1. Bubbles In Epoxy Floor Coating  

If we make a mistake in mixing correct ratio of resin and hardner can entrap air which could lead to air bubbles in epoxy floors. Use of power drill for mixing can also lead to bubbles.Temperature variation is another reason that can cause bubbles in epoxy floors. While installing epoxy floors to concrete surface need to be at a temperature which is compatible.

2. Blisters And Craters In Epoxy Floors  

This problem occurs If the concrete is not prepared properly, it may be porous and contains air. It could lead to created a hole in epoxy surface as air will arise from the surface. The concrete surface must be made by experts to prevent blisters and craters in epoxy floors.

3. Dullness In Epoxy Floors  

When epoxy coat is applied too cold or hot then dullness in epoxy floors are appear. Dullness is also occurs when there is excessive airflow blows over a curing epoxy surface. To prevent dullness, apply epoxy when both the mix and substrate are between temperature of 60°F and 85°F. Temp above or below could cause dullness on the surface.

4. Peeling In Epoxy Floors  

If there is a poor adhesion then peeling of epoxy can appear. It is due to an inexperienced applicator. Peeling can come from:

  • Contaminated materials like grease, oil and solvent not being removed
  • Poor subsurface preparation
  • Improper mixing techniques
  • Moisture trapped in the subsurface
  • Incorrect mixing ratio of resin and hardener
  • Wide temperature variations
  • Other Common Epoxy Floor


Can We Recoat Epoxy Floor?   

Yes, you can recoat epoxy floor. Recoating of epoxy can be done if it has lost it finish or damaged. But before installing some preparation must be done. Preparation like cleaning with detergent to remove oily layer. You should make your surface rough by etching it so that the new layer could bond with new finish. But epoxy surface do not last forever. But there is an option for recoating your epoxy surface. So sit back an relax Jemkon is there for you to provide epoxy floor recoating service in India.


How Can Remove An Epoxy Floor?   

The best way to remove epoxy floor is to grind it away. Grinding is a risky job. It might damage the underlaying concrete floor. But no worries our team of professionals is always there for you. Our expert team will remove the epoxy floor without damaging your concrete layer. And installing a professional epoxy floors that will last lifetime. Just give us a call for removing epoxy flooring from concrete.  

Is Epoxy Flooring Worth It?    

Yes epoxy flooring is worth it. Now you know that epoxy flooring does not get damage very easily. But if it does then it can be repaired by professionals of Jemkon – The Best Epoxy Flooring Manufacturer and Service Provider In India.


What Now?   

Do you want to install epoxy flooring??? If yes then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always there for you. We are Jemkon. We provide wide range of epoxy flooring solution in India and we are there to serve you as you desire.

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