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Looking for Cost Effective Epoxy Flooring Service in Pune?

If you are looking for the most cost effective epoxy flooring service in Pune, then you are at the right place. Jemkon is one of the top epoxy flooring manufacturers serving different industries with affordable industrial and commercial solutions.  Our epoxy flooring coating is durable and fulfills the demands of business along with customization. 

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One of the top Epoxy flooring manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra

Jemkon’s epoxy flooring is the best option over any flooring solution because of it’s superior quality. Epoxy flooring is the best solution for your industry, factory, warehouse. You will get epoxy flooring service at a competitive price from us. 

Industry owners of Pune and from all over Maharashtra highly trust our epoxy flooring service as we are serving them for years.

Jemkon offers epoxy flooring services for different industries like food, pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, car parking areas, swimming pools, educational institutions and many more.

Epoxy flooring is long-lasting in any type of environment and extremely safe. Epoxy flooring coating is durable, safe and eco-friendly which produces very little waste.  If you are prioritizing the installation of a floor that is safe for the environment then you definitely choose Jemkon’s epoxy flooring service. 

When you consider the cost involved in choosing any other option then the cost of shutting down the plant, installing the flooring, and then maintaining or renovating the floors is very costly. Opting for Jemkon’s epoxy flooring coating is the best way to avoid all of this. It saves both time and money.

The cleaning staff can easily clean these floors with water and mops. Epoxy floors do not accumulate dust like other floors. Concrete, or polished concrete, tends to have this dust on the floor constantly. Due to this, the surface can become hard. If you choose epoxy flooring then this problem can easily get solved. Epoxy is a very clean material that helps to keep the surface bacteria free and contains less moisture that causes fewer problems. Epoxy flooring is a perfect solution for businesses that require high sanitation norms such as food product manufacturers, pharma industries, restaurants, food courts and canteens. Investment in installing new flooring is costly but choosing epoxy flooring is a wise choice.  

Whether you have a small or big industry or small retail space or a large-scale factory premises, our epoxy flooring solutions are a must-try. Our epoxy colour is economical and easy to apply with high chemical resistance. It is solvent-free, seamless with good levelling properties.

Why choose Jemkon’s Epoxy flooring?

Investment in installing new flooring is costly but choosing Jemkon’s epoxy flooring is a wise choice. 

Jemkon’ s epoxy floor coating gives businesses and industries an advantage to create seamless flooring and can hold up the continuously moving feet. Our epoxy floor coating also withstands the movement of trolleys, forklifts, machinery, and cleaning that inevitably takes place. Our epoxy flooring solution can also repair dents and damaged portion of floor which generally are not possible with many other types of flooring.

Epoxy flooring is the best option over any flooring solution because of it’s superior quality. If you are looking for an affordable flooring solution for your industry, factory, store then epoxy flooring is the best solution. You will get epoxy flooring at a competitive price from us.

Give an enticing appearance to the floors with Jemkon’s epoxy floor coating. It helps to save the installation cost as it is directly applied over concrete. Epoxy floor coating helps to make concrete floor exceptionally durable as due to epoxy coating it is properly sealed and maintained.

You will find Jemkon’s epoxy flooring service is the most cost effective.

Underlined concrete is protected from moisture, stain, grease and cracks due to epoxy flooring. It helps to save cleaning and maintenance costs by eliminating the need to clean carpet or grout. It will also last for several years without cracking or peeling. Due to the durability also, Jemkon’s epoxy flooring is the most popular among the industries in Maharashtra.

Being one of the trusted epoxy flooring manufacturers, Jemkon’s epoxy flooring coating is a must-try. 

Providing different industrial and commercial applications

Being an epoxy flooring manufacturer, Jemkon offers other industrial applications like PU Floor Coating, PU Self Level Flooring, PU Concrete, EPU Flooring, Anti Static EPU Flooring, Epoxy PU/Hybrid Flooring (WB), Chemical Resistant Flooring, Concrete Densifier / Polish and Epoxy Cementitious Flooring.

We offer commercial flooring solutions as well like DIY – Floor Paints, Damaged Concrete Repair Epoxy, Car Park Flooring, Heat Reflective Coating, Wall Coating & Coving, Waterproofing – Terrace & Roof, Industrial Shed Waterproofing, Anticorrosion Epoxy Paint and Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer.

Without a doubt, if you are looking for cost efficient epoxy flooring solution in Pune, Maharashtra then fill up the form, will get back to you soon!

Epoxy Flooring Pune

Epoxy Flooring Uses

Automobiles & Engineering
Electronics & Electricals
Pharmaceuticals & Laboratory
Packaging & Plastic Industry
Chemical Factory
Textile Industry
Paper Industry
School & Educational Institutes
Thermal Power Stations
Milk & Dairies
Meat Processing

Characteristics / Advantages

Excellent Self Levelling Properties
Excellent Adhesion Properties
High Mechanical Strength
High Gloss
Good Abrasion Resistance
Easily Cleanable & Low Maintenance