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Trusted Epoxy Flooring Manufacturer in Kolkata

Jemkon is serving different industrial and commercial spaces in West Bengal, India at a cost-efficient rate. We cover all industries like food and beverage, manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, Pharmaceutical industries, Agriculture product manufacturers, educational institutions, car parking areas by providing superior quality epoxy flooring paint.

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Top Industrial Epoxy Flooring Service provider in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Jemkon is one of the epoxy flooring manufacturers in Kolkata. With interesting design patterns and a wide range of colours, we offer PU floor coating, PU Concrete Flooring, EPU Flooring. We provide cost effective epoxy flooring for industrial, commercial, institutional and retail spaces.

An excellent visual aesthetics, epoxy flooring looks stunning and beautiful. Jemkon epoxy flooring coating is made under the expert’s observation and we have an excellent customer service team.

The whole operation is carried out with utmost care from scratch to completion; you do not worry about anything. We never compromise epoxy flooring colours and service. We also provide the customized design as per the request of the customers’ requirements.

Jemkon has a benchmark in providing industrial epoxy flooring services in Kolkata, India.

Our epoxy flooring offers a durable and long-lasting solution. All aesthetic considerations are kept in mind while providing the services. Our epoxy flooring coating is slip resilient, hassle-free and safe for any industry. Epoxy floors are easy to clean and require less maintenance.

It also makes the floors bacteria-free. It can easily bear heavy foot traffic and keep the floors scratch-free. We provide customization in design as per customer requirements.

Why prefer Jemkon’s Epoxy flooring contractor in Kolkata?

Being one of the trusted epoxy flooring manufacturers, Jemkon’s epoxy flooring paint is a must-try.  We established in 2003 and give the best epoxy flooring solution all across India & West Bengal. Apart from that, we are also expertise in terrace roof waterproofing, PU coating, primer and DIY acrylic paint. We have a team of experienced professionals who plan and implement the strategies with perfection.

PU floor coating is also known as Polyurethane flooring that is useful for industrial flooring. Polyurethane floor coating is soft in nature and highly resistant to scratches. PU floor coating absorbs the impact much better than other floorings.


As the PU flooring is flexible is a good choice for multi-storey car parking spaces. Being flexible in nature it also works as a waterproofing contractor to prevent cracks on the surface.

PU concrete flooring is eco-friendly in nature and provides high protection to concrete floors. The key features of PU concrete flooring are high resistance to thermal shocks, resistance to wear and tear, hygienic and bear high impact.

Jemkon provides a solvent-free, monolithic polyurethane flooring system with a clean finish. It is also chemical resistant. Depending upon the load factor, PU concrete flooring is applied with a higher thickness of 3mm to 12 mm.

Being extremely durable in nature, it provides steam cleaning resistance and high mechanical strength.

It can be applied to places like automobiles, electronics, electricals, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, packaging, chemical, textile, paper, thermal power stations, dairies, meat processing units.

EPU flooring is also known as flexo hard flooring or epoxy polyurethane hybrid flooring. This flooring has a high amount of flexibility with good toughness. It includes the benefit of both epoxy and polyurethane.

Being one of the top industrial epoxy flooring contractors, Jemkon’s EPU Flooring gives excellent gloss along with the flexibility of polyurethane. EPU flooring consists of a combination of filler which includes hardener, resin, filler, colour and resinous material. Along with colour options, it is applied to a thickness from 0.5 mm to 3 mm.

Being the waterproofing contractor, epoxy flooring is the best choice for those who want to protect the industrial sheds.

Epoxy flooring gives a shield against water and reduces degradation. As the leading waterproofing contractor in Kolkata, we offer industrial shed waterproofing for all types of verticals commercial and industrial flooring.

We give acrylic waterproofing, epoxy and polyurethane waterproofing and cementitious waterproofing as per the requirements. We use the best quality of waterproofing chemical coatings for industrial shed waterproofing. Along with this, we provide waterproofing service to the industrial metal sheds, roofs, water tanks, terraces.

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Providing different industrial and commercial applications in Kolkata, India

Being an epoxy flooring manufacturer, Jemkon offers other industrial applications like PU Floor Coating, PU Self Level Flooring, PU Concrete, EPU Flooring, Antistatic epoxy flooring, Epoxy PU/Hybrid Flooring (WB), Chemical Resistant Flooring, Concrete Densifier / Polish and Epoxy Cementitious Flooring.

We offer commercial flooring solutions as well like DIY – Floor Paints, Damaged Concrete Repair Epoxy, Car Park Flooring, Heat Reflective Coating, Wall Coating & Coving, Waterproofing – Terrace & Roof, Industrial Shed Waterproofing, Anticorrosion Epoxy Paint and Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer.

If you are looking for an economical epoxy flooring solution in Kolkata, India then fill-up the form, will look forward to assisting you!


Epoxy flooring service in kolkata

Epoxy Flooring Uses

Automobiles & Engineering
Electronics & Electricals
Pharmaceuticals & Laboratory
Packaging & Plastic Industry
Chemical Factory
Textile Industry
Paper Industry
School & Educational Institutes
Thermal Power Stations
Milk & Dairies
Meat Processing

Characteristics / Advantages

Excellent Self Levelling Properties
Excellent Adhesion Properties
High Mechanical Strength
High Gloss
Good Abrasion Resistance
Easily Cleanable & Low Maintenance