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Epoxy Flooring Service in Delhi

Jemkon being on the top Epoxy flooring manufacturer in Delhi and nearby areas.

We are serving the best epoxy flooring service that supplies to the industries in Noida, Greater Noida, Sonipet, Panipat, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Bawal, Bhiwadi, Neemrana, Gurgaon, Manesar, Lucknow, Kanpur, Dehradun, Haridwar, Baddi, Rudrapur and many more.

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Enhance your Industrial Spaces with Top Quality Heat Reflective Epoxy Coating
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Jemkon serves all types of industries in North India with it’s best epoxy wall coating including small and heavy industries, textile, chemical, food processing industries, warehouses, manufacturing plants, car park areas, healthcare, automobile, and pharmaceutical plants.

Jemkon’s heat-reflective epoxy coating is a great solution to decorate your roofs. It has a special coating with the ability to reflect solar radiation. This heat-resistant coating helps to have less impact and increase abrasion resistance. As the heat reflective epoxy coating does not melt hence, it is a wonderful high heat resistant option for industries.

Heat reflective epoxy coating helps to keep the room and office cool by reflecting the solar radiation by around 80%. We tend to use air conditioners to maintain the temperature but Jemkon’s thermal insulation coating is used for the roof to reflect the sun rays and that helps to keep the temperature inside a room normal without using excessive energy.

Storing fruits, vegetables, medicines and other perishable products require low temperature. As high temperature can cause thermal stress that results in cracking, deterioration of the surface. Jemkon’s economic and effective thermal insulation coating materials helps to meet the requirement to reflect the harmful and strong radiations. This helps to transfer less heat on the surface and within inside.

When the surface is coated with thermal insulation it reflects sunlight to a greater extent and prevents the roof from getting heated up. It results in keeping the rooms cool and comfortable. We have expertise in epoxy wall coating service providers in Delhi, Noida, and New Delhi.

Our experienced and trained staff provide epoxy wall coving service. Epoxy wall coving service is mostly used to keep the corners away from dust, bacteria and fungus. While cleaning the floors it is difficult to clean the corners and dust and other materials get stuck over there. To keep the corners clean and hygienic, taking epoxy wall coving service is the best solution over it.  We provide epoxy coving material that comes in different colours to suit particular customer requirements.

At different places, our epoxy wall coating is used in clean rooms, pharma industries, hospitals, laboratories, educational institutions and research centres.

Jemkon’s epoxy wall coating has various characteristics like low odour, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, easy to apply, cleanable, low maintenance and food-grade certified. 

Jemkon offers the best epoxy damaged concrete repair service for industries and other areas. Our good quality concrete repair material helps to fill up the damaged floors, cracks, floor undulations and potholes. Usually, these damaged floors are quite difficult to be repaired with normal cement concrete.

Our epoxy concrete repair material helps to repair the damaged floor and can be used even after 12 hours for light foot movement and after 24 hours for heavy traffic.  Jemkon’s epoxy concrete repair materials are widely accepted by the industries and are quite popular.

All types of Epoxy Solutions for North India, Delhi, India

At the most economic rates we provide PU Floor Coating, PU Self Level Flooring, PU Concrete, EPU Flooring, Anti Static EPU Flooring, Epoxy PU/Hybrid Flooring (WB), Chemical Resistant Flooring, Concrete Densifier / Polish and Epoxy Cementitious Flooring.

Jemkon is a well-known epoxy flooring contractor for and industrial and commercial places by providing DIY– Floor Paints, Damaged Concrete Repair Epoxy, Car Park Flooring, Heat Reflective Coating, Waterproofing – Terrace & Roof, Wall Coating & Coving, Industrial Shed Waterproofing, Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer and Anticorrosion Epoxy Paint.

We cater epoxy flooring services to all industrial and commercial properties at affordable rates.

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Epoxy Flooring Uses

Automobiles & Engineering
Electronics & Electricals
Pharmaceuticals & Laboratory
Packaging & Plastic Industry
Chemical Factory
Textile Industry
Paper Industry
School & Educational Institutes
Thermal Power Stations
Milk & Dairies
Meat Processing

Characteristics / Advantages

Excellent Self Levelling Properties
Excellent Adhesion Properties
High Mechanical Strength
High Gloss
Good Abrasion Resistance
Easily Cleanable & Low Maintenance