Epoxy Flooring in Gujrat, India

Epoxy flooring service provider in Gujrat, India
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Epoxy flooring service provider in Gujrat, India

Industrial grade Epoxy flooring manufacturer for all types of industries.

Small and large scale industries from Ahmedabad, Surat, Gandhi Nagar, Rajkot, and Vadodara use Jemkon’s epoxy floor coating without a doubt.

In Gujrat, industry owners widely trust Jemkon and take our industrial epoxy flooring services.
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Improve your industrial and commercial spaces look with top-quality epoxy floor coating

To make the floors dust-free and more appealing use our cost-efficient epoxy flooring. Many industries and factory owners from the textile, food and beverage industry, automobile, pharmaceutical, health care, car parking areas and warehouses tend to choose Jemkon’s epoxy flooring solutions. As being the industry leaders, after successfully serving industries we have expertise in epoxy flooring. Industrial epoxy flooring services are provided to the customers by expert professionals.

The epoxy cementitious flooring of Jemkon shows strong performance on the smooth and durable surface that lasts for heavy loads. The moisture content of concrete before the utilization of any normal epoxy or PU floor covering should be ≤ 4%. The Time taken for concrete to arrive at the permissible limit  of ≤ 4% dampness after the substantial floor is projected is by and large around 28 days additionally relying upon the pneumatic stress and other climatic conditions in the climate. Furthermore, sometimes, it has likewise been seen that even following 90 days the moisture content is higher because of the water table present underneath the surface.

Our epoxy cementitious flooring includes resinous material, a combination of filler, hardener, cement-based formulated aggregates that can be mixed and applied in that time frame.Depending on the user requirement, thickness will vary from 2 mm to 10 mm and provide a top coat to give aesthetics with epoxy floor coating. Jemkon’s epoxy cementitious flooring has different features like excellent self leveling property, excellent adhesion on moist and wet substrate, magnificent resistance to osmotic pressure and applicable to both old and new concrete.

Antistatic epoxy flooring is also known as static dissipative flooring as it help to protect from harmful static charge.It directs the charge safely in the ground rather than destroying any equipment. Antistatic epoxy flooring is made of conductive material that collects static electricity to dissolve the potential static discharge in the ground. Jemkon’s Antistatic epoxy flooring help to prevent explosions and fires while working in flammable materials and reduces the risk of any injury or damage to the machinery and workers.

It came with a lot of benefits, like protecting personnel, sensitive electric components, saving cost for repairing electronic equipment and worthwhile static controlled environment for safe working. 

Antistatic epoxy flooring can be applied to the electronic industries, server rooms, explosive factories, textile industries, healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum industries.

Nonetheless, the difficulties don’t stop here: car parking flooring materials must be used to hot tires and vehicle discharges. Once in a while, there will be spillages from brake liquids, vehicle oils, and chemicals. These factors should be considered when choosing the right car parking flooring.

Jemkon’s car parking flooring coatings are highly durable, anti-skid, abrasion-resistant and hard elastic and capable of withstanding long-term and heavy vehicles standing.

A wide range of Epoxy flooring service provider for Gujrat, India

Jemkon’s is providing PU Floor Coating, PU Self Level Flooring, PU Concrete, EPU Flooring, Anti Static EPU Flooring, Epoxy PU/Hybrid Flooring (WB), Chemical Resistant Flooring, Concrete Densifier / Polish and Epoxy Cementitious Flooring to the different industries at the most economic rates.

We are trusted partner of the industries for all epoxy flooring like DIY– Floor Paints, Damaged Concrete Repair Epoxy, Car Park Flooring, Heat Reflective Coating, Waterproofing – Terrace & Roof, Wall Coating & Coving, Industrial Shed Waterproofing, Anti-corrosion Epoxy Primer and Anti-corrosion Epoxy Paint.


We provide epoxy flooring solutions to all industrial and business properties at reasonable rates. Go ahead and call us:  +91 8956740753

Epoxy Flooring Uses

Automobiles & Engineering
Electronics & Electricals
Pharmaceuticals & Laboratory
Packaging & Plastic Industry
Chemical Factory
Textile Industry
Paper Industry
School & Educational Institutes
Thermal Power Stations
Milk & Dairies
Meat Processing

Characteristics / Advantages

Excellent Self Levelling Properties
Excellent Adhesion Properties
High Mechanical Strength
High Gloss
Good Abrasion Resistance
Easily Cleanable & Low Maintenance