Having a safe environment is critical, weather you work from home or work. Slip accidents can be perilous in industrial or commercial areas. Many workplaces regulations are to minimize risk & in terms of liability, slips or falls could be costly. With Epoxy Flooring adding a slip resistance coating will reduce risk and walking will be much more safer than normal floors while providing good looks with durability.

Slip resistance coatings are mandated in workplaces  

According to Occupational Health & Safety legislation slips, trips & fall are considered as hazardous & employers are mandated to control or minimize or eliminate the risk. Specially in wet areas, stairs, emergency exits, etc

High traffic areas such as industrial or commercial areas can be risky for employees or customers. With safety issues around these areas include slippery floors, choosing the right floors according to your needs is crucial. Slip resistance coating will help in contributing towards the safety of your employees & customers.

Epoxy slip resistance coatings for safer floors 

According to the floor area the slip resistance coating is needed. For example, in a commercial kitchen the slip resistance should must be much larger than in a workshop. Of course, low slip resistance is easy to clean. But what price is put on safety? Various slip resistance comes in various sizes.  

No one wishes to have their floors to be slippery or floors which are heavily added with slip resistance than its painful for cleaning. But could be a fit for a lighter version of slip resistance. The main area need to identified where slip resistance coating is heavy and non – traffic area not so much.

The slip resistance coating is a crucial choice as it requires sand or other area will require aluminum oxide which is stronger. These floor is used for heavy vehicle traffic, as aluminum oxide will not break as compared to sand. There are differences in costing as per requirement.  

If you add slip resistance coating it will help you in minimizing the risk of falling, have a better control in commercial & industrial space. You can also minimize the risk if you use it in homes for steps or other areas.

Epoxy Flooring can also be a great choice because of ability of including slip resistance coating and with no joints the slip accidents is also removed.

Also Epoxy Flooring is a cost-effective solution to help in safe movement requirements for industrial & commercial spaces. Epoxy Flooring also offers strength and robust flooring solution. And with many colour choices you will have a peace of mind.

We have different types of slip resistance coating available for internal and external area & our experts will also help in what will be the best for each area.

Epoxy slip resistance coatings for safer floors  

We have a wide range of epoxy flooring solutions for all types of flooring. Also provide the best possible solution for floors that need add safety of slip resistance coating, minimizing the risk of slip accidents. For more information and best solution from our experts contact us today.