It is very complex to choose the appropriate adhesive for tiles. To guarantee a successful result you must know the best tile adhesive brand in India & how to use it.

Jemkon is the manufacturer of building materials which includes tile adhesives, admixtures, etc. we are aware how important it is to select the right and the best adhesive for your projects. The proper adhesive from Jemkon guarantees that your tiles will sent in place for many years.

Following are some important key points before selecting tile adhesive.


  Type of Tile 

What type of tile you are using is important aspect to consider when selecting tile adhesive. For example, a different type of tile is required for ceramic tile and different for stone. Choose the right adhesive for the type of tile you have.


The surface on which you are placing your tile is known as substrate & what kind of glue that should be use depends upon substrate. You might require different adhesive when placing on concrete or on wooden floor. Make sure that the adhesive you choose is right for your substrate.


What kind of adhesive should be use depends upon where the tile be placed. If you place tiles in bathroom then waterproof adhesive is required. you might require different adhesive if your placing tiles on wall surface. Make sure that the tile you purchase is appropriate.

  Service Area 

By coverage area you could indicate the amount of adhesive that you might require. Before buying adhesive make sure how much is the covering area. you dont want to be running out of adhesive in middle of project.

  Drying Period 

The adhesive must dry before you walk on it. Different adhesive dries at different times. Make sure the glue that you select has a suitable drying period that you require for your project.  

  Composition of VOC 

These substances might harm both the environment & your health. Use adhesive which is low VOC level.

  Quality of product 

The adhesive’s quality is very important. You need to pickup the best adhesive which is long-lasting & durable. Make sure you select a reliable manufacturer’s highest quality adhesive.

  Cost of adhesive 

Expense should always be taken into consideration while selecting adhesive. It’s important to keep in mind that cheap adhesive might not always be the right choice but a high quality adhesive could cost more which could also end up saving your money as it could last longer than a cheaper adhesive. You won’t need any repairs often.



Choosing the right tile adhesive will ultimately determine how long your tiles will set in place. Kind of tiles, substrates, location, coverage area, drying time, VOC content, quality & cost you must think while selecting adhesive. We advise you to always follow our instructions when using any adhesive because we are a manufacturer of building materials.

Jemkon offers a wide range of tile adhesives. Tiles like ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and large-format tiles.