You might have faced problems maintaining universities laboratory floors. Not only do they take spilled harsh chemicals but also have to withstand high levels of foot traffic from students constantly moving.You might need flooring options that are highly durable and able to resist chemical spills and are long-lasting. The best option is to get a chemical resistance epoxy done from professionals.

Floor coatings for university laboratories  

This is why Chemical Resistance floor coating can be a perfect solution for universities laboratories-

  • Chemical resistance—Laboratories do need floors which wont peel or get stain due to acids. Epoxies are generally damage-resistant and there are varieties that offer extreme chemical resistance.
  • Ease of cleaning— It is essential that the floor of laboratories should be clean and sanitized regularly. Tiles could trap dust in grouted area unlike epoxy flooring which is easy to sweep and mop as it has smooth surface.
  • Sanitation— An Epoxy floor coating not only offers a smooth surface but also prevents liquid that could penetrate floors. Whereas spills stay on the surface of epoxy floors and can be properly cleaned up.
  • Durability— Students who is not wearing proper shoes for a lab or shifting chairs again and again on a regular basis. But Epoxy flooring durability would resist all kinds of impacts as well as from dropping equipment’s in laboratories.
  • Longevity— AEpoxy flooring could last longer as compare with other types of flooring. A properly coated epoxy flooring could last several years, like 5 – 10 years.

Considering the above benefits an epoxy flooring can be customized such as:-

  • Floor markings which would indicate the exact position of work zone for students.
  • Anti-slip textures such as quartz
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) properties for technology labs

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