Roofs / Terrace


 Terraces and roofs are directly exposed to extreme weather conditions and can cause leaks if not protected properly. Jemkon offer waterproofing solutions for terraces, balconies and both flat and sloping roofs, to keep your factory / house safe from leaks during monsoons & also indirectly protect the reinforcement in the RCC slab from corrosion due to moisture 

Walls :Internal / External



Jemkon’s treatment for wall waterproofing  will bridge the hairline cracks and prevent ingress of moisture and capillary condensation on the surface and increase the life of the paint. It will also prevent the hairline cracks from becoming more visible due to accumulation of dirt and give better bonding to the paint.

Reservoirs / Water Tanks


Jemkon's Acrylic elastomeric & epoxy based system technology acts as a strong barrier against the impact of constant chlorinated water pressure while ensuring potability of stored water.

JEMKON’S “TECH SL” is Certified by CFTRI, Mysore (USFDA 175.300) 

Swimming Pool


Concrete walls or hollow-block walls are not sufficient to ensure a full waterproofing and avoid leakage of swimming pool. A full waterproofing system should be applied before putting the swimming pool in service.

We offer a dual protection system with a Polymer cementitious shield for walls & floors. Weak areas such as construction joints and cracks are again coated with an additional layer of epoxy or polyurethane coating. We also offer epoxy tile adhesives & grouts for tiled swimming pools .

Toliets / Kitchen


Water is a daily presence in bathrooms, toilets & kitchen, so it is advisable to have proper waterproofing there. This will save you from any inconvenience in the future due to leaking water and subsequent related repairs. However, the extra layer of waterproofing needs to be taken into account during the construction stage itself.

Jemkon also offer waterproofing solutions to bathrooms & toilets without breaking the existing tiles.

Tile grouts & Adhesives


A pioneer in the area of tile adhesive manufacturing, Jemkon has a complete range of products for various tile applications and care, which include fixing new tiles & also different shades of grouts for filling tile joints. 

Cementitious tile Grout & adhesives

Epoxy tile Grout & adhesives