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Why Epoxy Flooring Is Required?

Epoxy flooring is a necessity for durable, long-lasting surfaces. Its seamless, chemical-resistant properties make it an ideal choice for industrial, commercial spaces.

Long-life of machines

Concrete floors in big industries can cause a collection of dust and small debries. 

Audit Requirement

Epoxy floors are required in industries to pass the Government of India’s audit.

Easy to maintain & clean

Compared to concrete floors, epoxy floors are much easier to maintain & clean as they provide you a glossy finish with a sturdy surface.

Pan India Makers & Applicators

Pan India Makers & Applicators – We are the only brand in India that makes high grade epoxy and provides experts for its application. This way, we provide end-to-end epoxy flooring service.


High Quality Application

Mixing of materials is the most crucial part of Epoxy application. Our expert applicators Do Not Compromise on the quantity of different material that goes into epoxy flooring. Once you book our services, they will mix all the components onsite, right infront of you.

Pan India Single Rate

Unlike other epoxy manufacturers, our rates do not vary state-wise. We provide same rates for all products across all states. Only scenario where the service charge might differ is the condition of the floor.

Certificate of Analysis

After the application of epoxy, We provide certificate of analysis to all our clients post epoxy application representing the quality of work.

Customisation Options

Jemkon provides color customisation as per our client’s need.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is epoxy floor better than concrete or tile floor?

Epoxy floor in industries provide a sturdy and glossy finish which helps maintain hygiene.

Concrete floors are more prone to collecting dust and debris overtime, which makes the job of cleaning it very difficult.

It also affects the life of heavy machines as they can be damaged due to dust flying into them. Moreover, in certain industries, epoxy flooring is a requirement to pass the audit.

What is the ideal thickness of epoxy floor?

It depends on industry to industry, but we recommend going with at least a minimum of 3mm epoxy coat as that provides more sturdiness to the floor and can take more load without cracking.

Does Jemkon provide warranty for it’s products and services?

Yes, Jemkon provide warranty on all its products and services. Although, warranty might differ from product-to-product and service-to-service. Please talk to one of our experts to find out more about it.

There is oil in my concrete floor. Can I get the epoxy coating on top of it?

because epoxy would not bond with the floor due to the presence of oily substance. If the epoxy coating is done on oily floor, layers of it would come out after a brief use.

We recommend re-concreting the floor, followed by epoxy coating to give it a sturdy and glossy finish.

My property has high moisture. Is it recommended to coat it with epoxy?

Yes, floors with high moisture content can have an epoxy finish. Although, it would require a different composition of materials. At Jemkon, we call this mixture Moisture Barrier Epoxy. Talk to our experts to find out more about this.

How is Jemkon better than local epoxy applicators?

Jemkon is a wholesaler that provides end-to-end epoxy services. When you buy at Jemkon, you will be buying at the source, which will cost you less than local vendors.

Moreover, we have a special team of applicators who are experts in mixing the component with right ratios, which helps provide long life to your epoxy floors.

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