Flooring & Coatings

Epoxy Floorings


Our comprehensive range of industrial Epoxy flooring Coating products is designed for withstanding the harsh conditions that are common to heavy duty environments. 


· Excellent Gloss

· Hard-wearing

· Abrasion resistant

· Seamless and hygienic finish

PU Floorings


  Jemkon is engaged in offering superior quality  & wide range of PU Flooring Coating Service for indoor as well as outdoor applications .


· Excellent Abrasion resistant

· Thin coat, Economical

· Fast return to service

· Semi gloss & matt finish 

EPU Floorings


Jemkon’s EPU flooring is the hybrid technology which blends the advantages of both epoxy & PU for the most challenging industrial conditions.


· High gloss

· good Abrasion resistant

· hard wearing resistant

· good flexibilty

PU Concrete



Jemkon offers Polyurethane concrete floors which are tough than epoxy & which are proven to withstand THERMAL SHOCKS.


· Excellent Abrasion resistant

· Excellent Chemical resistant

· Ability to handle extreme hot & cold temperature -40 degree to +130 degree

· Steam Cleaning resistance.

ESD / Conductive / Antistatic


Our range of antistatic flooring products has successfully proven to prevent harmful electrical charge build-up from destroying sensitive components by dissipating the charge safely to the ground. Jemkon makes available both conductive and static-dissipative flooring.


· Electrostatically conductive

· high Chemical resistant

· hard wearing resistance

· good abrasion resistant

Damaged Concrete, Potholes, Repair


Jemkon offers epoxy & cementitious based concrete repair material for potholes, cracks & damaged surfaces.


· excellent bonding with old surface

· fast cure

· thick to thin layer application

· easy to apply