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DIY- Acrylic Floor Paints

DIY Floor Paint (2)
DIY- Floor Paints


Jemkon offers DIY- floor coatings which are single and two-component, water-based and solvent-based that suits every pocket. Our Coatings come with wide color options and even can we customize the color depending upon our client’s need.

What is the need for DIY- floor coating, when are there hundreds of professional floor coating companies? Yes, we need DIY- floor coatings when it comes to small garages or parking lots at our residences because for smaller areas the cost of labour for a professional company would be high. The single-component or 1k type of coatings can be applied by people with even less knowledge of mixing, as its a single component. For DIY- floor paints, the person needs to have basic knowledge of surface preparation, cleaning and application methods.

All our DIY – floor paints can be applied by brush or rollers which are available almost at every paint shop. Any loose paint or old surface has to be cleaned thoroughly first, the material to be mixed as per the ration mentioned on the container. We recommend to mix less quantity at one time to avoid the mixed material from getting jelled fast. Evenly paint the surface with the required number of coats and leave it for curing for a minimum of 8 hours. The coated floor can be used after 24 hours.


  • Garages and Parking lots
  • Residential store rooms
  • Border Marking strips
  • Terrace

Characteristics/ Advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Economical
  • quick dry
  • Easily Cleanable & low maintenance